how to speed up and boost game performance for pc

gettting upset when you playing a heavy game? such as call of duty, comand and conquer, cossack, left for death, etc. here i'll show you the way how to fix the problem.

a game, used a lot of amount of resource in every operating systems (specially windows operating systems), once a game launched, the game called the .dll(dynamic link library) to load the files: sound, video, form, tables,picture, accessing devices, and many more, at single time. so the cpu process could reache 99 percent usage. and raise the cpu temperature up to 60 degree.

the normal windows operating system process usually startup the necessary services, and more unnecessary services. the unnecessary services just like spam in your computer, they are still exist and fullfill your memory, but you never use it. look at the task manager! you will found many process that you dont recognize at all.
if the normal services was slow down your pc performance and then you launch a proffesional game, you can imagine how many process can be generated.

stop talking about the problems!
lets talking about solutions!

to increase your pc performance for game, you need a software called game booster. simply and freely download at

this software will smartly closed the unnecessary services, even the necesssary services if u want. my pc use this software, and can freed up my memory 20 %

any questions? contact me!

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