how to speed up your pc ( windows xp,vista, & 7 )

how to speed up your pc

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what upset we are!!!!

when we run operating systems ( at this chase,windows OS ) getting crash or hang at first  run, at start up. how it could happen? some reason below maybe is the answer of the problem

1. some device chipset may work slowly than usual
2. there are devices that not installed and configured succesfully
3. start up programs has too many
4. the process of virus, worm, spyware, process make it so heavy.
5. harddisk need defragmentation

in this post iam gonna tell you how to fix the problems :
for problem no.1 I can't tell you exactly how to fix its but i recommended to use the motherboard from vendor that has great reputation such as intel, asus, gigabyte, etc. great motherboard cannot immediatelly increase your pc performance great processor required too, use minimal dualcore intel cpu, with random access memory (RAM) higher or equivalent 1 GB

ok... now jump to problem no.2 the one and only way to fix hardware configuration is install the driver software has given when you buy the devices or if none, for examples you lost the cd, or  the driver cd damage, never give up!!! you can still get the driver with download it from the vendor site, and i recommended you to download, because usually the driver you got is the up to date driver

now problem number 3 is the most problems i found at my computer, school computer, friends computer, and some company. windows has a feature that can automatically run a program(software) and services to make user easier to access the program in every start up. but too many start up can make your pc working slowly, even you have to wait 15 minnute before we can use the pc. the way to solve this problem is
  1. press windows button + R or click start then click run
  2. type msconfig
  3. now go to tab boot then checklist the "no gui boot options" this option to unload windows startup animation and speed up windows to start
  4. go to tab services then uncheck services that might not useful and you never use for present or future in my computer, the services iam unload is : fax, windows time, windows update, google update, etc
  5. on tab startup uncheck some programs you think not useful for you
 problem number 4 can be  solved by installing the up to date antivirus. why must earlier version? because the virus spread every time, via every way, online or offline. the virus author also update his virus code to bypass antivirus detection, and the thing you may dont believe is virus author cooperated with antivirus author. provit is the goal! but dont worry you can purchase the premium antivirus such as norton antivirus, kaspersky antivirus, or if you dont have enough money download free version of avast antivirus, or avira antivirus. its up to you!

the last problems, windows files has putted on harddisk, with random order in every sectors of disk so when its loaded, harddisk will work harder, and unefficient. so you need to defrag this. you can use the windows defragmenter for default, or third party defragler software, or if you has enough money, you can buy tuneup utilities. tuneup utilities has many and great tool to speedup your pc..

thanks for read!!!
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